Marta Khanna is an internationally known professional solo artist originally from Ukraine. She has been dancing Salsa for 12 years and she also dances other styles like hip-hop , house, jazz etc…Marta Khanna dreamt become a dancer from the time she started walking but never had a chance to professionally dance until she was 19 years old when she took to Salsa dancing as a full time job. Soon after, she auditioned for a backup dancing position for one famous Ukrainian singer Gaytana . She worked with Gaytana for 2 years traveling and performing throughout Ukraine and other European cities. During that time she engaged in learning other dance styles and joined a hip hop team. While working with the hip hop team she soon became a choreographer for other dance genres.

2011 was Marta’s debut into the Salsa dancing world with her first Salsa Solo performance in the Turkey Congress. Later 2011 she embarked on the European Dance tour with Ramon Morales where she traveled performed and taught Salsa LA Style. These events inspired her to continue improving her dancing skills. Her next step was then to move to New York city . While in the USA her eight to twelve hour days were dedicated to dance classes varying from ballet, dance hall, body movement, contemporary, modern, afro cuban and so on. All this hard work led her to several work opportunities as a solo performer in best salsa clubs in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. Before the end of 2015 she became the principal female coach, instructor and choreographer for a Boston based dance company named Salsa Matei Dance Co. There she led student teams, salsa, cha-cha, body movement, afro cuban and private classes. On her spare time she kept taking self improvement dance classes in New York city.

Her trip to the USA reshaped her dance career. Her knowhow and experience have become a hot commodity in the Salsa community and today Marta works all over the world as a dance teacher, instructor, coach and performer of many dance styles. She is a very unique instructor who can teach both male and female styles. She coaches male styling as wholesome as she would with any lady styling class. Her classes are very inspiring and she is gifted with an amazing ability to explain complex and hard to execute moves into easy ideas to her audience. Her work philosophy focuses in teaching moves with context, images, feelings as if storytelling through dance movements.

Marta Khanna is a solo artist who has secured a huge following both in Europe and in the USA with her inspiring movements and discipline towards a healthy lifestyle. For past 12 years she collaborated with many big Salsa names females and males, but mostly Marta prefer working as solo artist and inspire others to be true to their inner selfs and open something new every time through Dance .

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